HDD Parts

To place an order please call your outside salesman. Salesmen are available 24/7.

Dana  (Colorado): 303.434.1644

Zane  (Nebraska, North and South Dakota): 605.431.0242 

Todd  (Inside Sales): 303.549.5744

Matt   ( Colo, Wy, Montana )303.907.4012

Payment Methods:

  • We take American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

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Call HDD or visit https://www.melfredborzall.com for additional product information.

      CETCO Drilling Fluids
      Utilicor Technologies

Call HDD or visit http://www.cetco.co.uk/Left-Side-Navigation/Drilling-Products/Drilling-Fluids for additional product information.

Call HDD or visit www.utilcor.ca for additional product information.

Hunting Drill Rod
DCD Swivel

Call HDD or visit www.dcddesign.com for additional product information.

Underground Magnetics

Call HDD or visit www.undergroundmegnetics.com for additional product information.

Call HDD or visit www.huntimg-intl.com for additional product information.

Coring Products
Pot Hole Supplies

Call for pot hole supplies inventory.

Hole Openers

Call for Hole Openers inventory.

Call for coring product inventory.

Safety Boots & Gloves

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